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meaning of an eye tattoo is the very best quality pictures from others that related to Tattoo Design. the eye of horus because your eye of horus tattoo symbolizes protection healing andon occasionvengeful wrath interesting side note the ancient egyptians used the shapes in this symbol as numerical fractions this may be a great tattoo for those of us who need protection in math class bonus points if you get a cute eye of horus pointer finger tattoo, eye tattoo meaning often these eye tats are complimented with other designs that also represent clarity such as the circle of life enso symbol this is also a great motivational meaning so many people will get this eye tattoo on a very visible part of their bodies such as on their fingers

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the allseeing eye tattoo is a very popular tattoo that has an assortment of design choices for people to choose from and just as many meanings this is the type of tattoo that you can get just about anywhere on your body and in any size, the eye symbol is used to ward off any evil thoughts intentions or a curse aimed at a person the debate still continues about the benefits of inking an evil eye tattoo on ones body people from various cultures around the world use the eye symbol because they believe it protects their family possessions

meaning of eye of horus the components as the horus the god and the falcon also considered a bird of gods the horus eye can see beyond the vision of mere mortals the spiral in addition to the falcon a serpent was another sacred animal to horus but not just any serpent the spiral marking represents ureaus, eye tattoo dictionary a tattoo design of these eyes represents the always watching eyes of god and the death of the american dream third eye this eye tattoo design is a religious symbol also known as the spiritual eye or the eye of the soul it represents intuition and the ability to foretell the future

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