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macrocosm microcosm tattoo artist the vandallist is the very best quality pictures from others that related to Tattoo Design. macrocosm and microcosm macrocosm and microcosm refers to a vision of cosmos where the part microcosm reflects the whole macrocosm and vice versa it is a feature present in all esoteric schools of thinking according to scholar pierre a riffard it is closely associated with hermeticism and underlies practices such as astrology, a microcosm is the smaller parts of a system usually referring to a smaller part of the cosmos macrocosm a macrocosm is the larger whole of a system usually referring to the whole of the cosmos, ifmanbethenthemicrocosmofthemacrocosmwhatisthe natureof that macrocosm for theassertionofa comparisonim plies andindeed necessitatesatleastpartial sameness orequal, macrocosm originating from ancient greek philosophy refers to everything that exists an infinite complex structure that can be regarded as a universe or the cosmos the microcosm however is just a small representative part of it

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dillon forte an accomplished tattoo artist originally working out of his bay area studio has made the move down south with the recent opening of his new sri yantra tattoo location in venice, kel tait tattoo artist melbourne victoria australia victims of ink chapel street ink the vandallist and tattrx teamed up for a tattoo related collaboration together were always happy to spread the love for other progressiveminded art lovers macrocosm microcosm tattoo artist ink

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